Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt: The Blockchain Day

BTC-ECHO was at the Blockchain Day on September 5th at the event „Digital Energy World 2017“ of Solarpraxis in the premises of Vattenfall Europe in Berlin. In addition to our role as observers of the German blockchain scene, BTC-ECHO was also actively involved in shaping the day. Editor-in-chief Sven Wagenknecht moderated a panel discussion on the topic „Blockchain currencies in the energy industry“.

The Blockchain Day is the kick-off event of the two-day Solarpraxis conference „Digital Energy World“. The day was dedicated to discussion and the exchange of expertise. Speakers and guests from the two areas blockchain and energy industry were present in order to get in contact with each other, to exchange their experiences and to identify overlaps of their topics. The overriding question was:

How can Blockchain technology contribute to the Bitcoin loophole?

The first thematic block of the Bitcoin loophole followed the very general question: Bitcoin Loophole Review 2018 » Full Scam Check Has Blockchain arrived in the energy world? After the introductory welcoming words by Tina Barroso, the authorized signatory of Solarpraxis, who led through the day, Karl-Heinz Remmers (also from Solarpraxis), Kilian Leykam (Vattenfall Innovation), Tobias Federico (Energy Brainpool) and Florian Reetz (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung) spoke. Remmers stressed the need for further digitisation of the energy industry, especially with a view to a rapid transition to renewable energies. He sees a great advantage in the decentralization of the blockchain and considers it possible to create a completely new energy infrastructure and thus bring about a system change.

Kilian Leykam also took up this idea and described the blockchain as the ideal framework for Vattenfall’s goal of organizing the energy market in a completely renewable and decentralized way. Tobias Federico warned against understanding the blockchain as a panacea, since it and its possible applications are only a technical instrument that must always be seen in the context of an overall concept. In addition, he considered the phase of the hype around the blockchain to be over and believes that the effective integration of meaningful blockchain applications will now be more important. Fabian Reetz saw several application examples of blockchain technology in the energy sector to create an energy market design that is 100% renewable and digital. He also emphasized participation as an important element of the energy turnaround, which is a very politically charged issue.

Has the blockchain already arrived in the news spy?

The second thematic block focused on the news spy of law and security on the blockchain. Dr. Christian Berghoff and Dr. Ute Gebhardt from the German Federal Office for Information Security, Dr. Nina Siedler from DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft and Dr. Dörte Fouquet from Becker Büttner Held were invited to give impulse lectures on the legal framework for blockchain applications, in particular the news spy crypto currencies. Christian Berghoff looked at the blockchain from the point of view of the BSI and considered the confidentiality of public blockchains, one of the protection goals of IT security, to be problematic, since transparency is one of the cornerstones of the blockchain and there is no access restriction. Nina Siedler focused on the problem of different jurisdictions in the regulation of blockchain applications and the contradiction between smart contracts and legally binding contracts in Germany. Dörte Fouquet finally raised the issue of the blockchain to the European level. Especially in the European Parliament, considerable progress in the implementation of blockchain-based solutions could be noticed.

Following the keynote speeches, the audience was invited to join a table discussion in the format of a World Café, led by the three speakers mentioned above. The results of the resulting stimulated discussions were then compiled in the panel by the three discussion leaders – accompanied and chaired by panel moderator Sven Wagenknecht (BTC-ECHO) and expert Friederike Ernst from the Blockchain-Bundesverband.

During the third thematic block „Business Models along the Blockchain“ several speakers presented their ideas for Blockchain applications based on Blockchain, among them Ewand Hesse (Energy Web Foundation), Stefan Thon (Strom DAO), Rex Kempcke (Ponton), Friederike Ernst (Gnosis) and Sebnem Rusitschka (