Fractal Blockchain CEO Julian Leitloff: „Communication is a special challenge

Julian Leitloff has already successfully founded several companies, including the e-commerce company Stilnest. He has made it into Forbes‘ 30 under 30 in Europe. Julian has also been travelling the Berlin blockchain scene for quite some time and now wants to take off with his blockchain service company Fractal Blockchain. The chances are more than good, as he is setting up the token launch for the renowned BigchainDB project Ocean Protocol. To learn more about his work and his views on the Blockchain ecosystem, we met Julian for an interview.

Julian, you’re co-founder and CEO of Fractal Blockchain. Your homepage doesn’t have that much information about you yet.

What services do you offer in the cryptosoft sector?

We support the token launch. Many cryptosoft projects reinvent the wheel like this and become experts in international capital market regulation, but they should take much more care of their community and work on the protocol. A lot can go wrong with the token launch, you shouldn’t do it all yourself. With Fractal, we take over this process from onboarding to settlement.

Now you’re doing the token launch for the Ocean Protocol, an offshoot of BigchainDB (here’s the interview with CEO Bruce Pon on the Ocean Protocol). How does such a token launch actually work, in which phase are you at the moment?

This is a mammoth project, especially for such a renowned project as Ocean. Basically there are four strands: the technical side of the protocol, all the legal contracts, the launch software and the development of the community. Of course, this all happens in parallel – a blatant challenge for the team. We are now through with the pre-launch, which was extremely successful. We’ve done quite a bit on our side, we’ve got everything ready for the actual launch of the network. For the team the real work begins now, namely to build the protocol.

What are the biggest challenges for crypto trader?

Getting the many different crypto trader together at one table according to onlinebetrug. Communication is a special challenge because it has to fit technically and legally and then inspire the community. Some teams underestimate the challenge of a token launch enormously. If we can’t communicate that, we’ll cancel it, because then it won’t work. There has to be an insight that you can’t be an expert in everything and then bring in experts for exactly these points.

How closely do you work with lawyers so that everything you program is legally compliant?

In the USA, legal texts are also referred to as ‚legal codes‘ and that sums up our understanding well: Law and software must be created closely together in order to write not only legally sound, but also beautiful software that people want to use. If the legal is ‚clapped over‘ afterwards, then it looks the same. We have in-house lawyers on a permanent basis and then we have several external law firms that support and audit us.